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Reply to "What concerts have you been to lately?"

Originally posted by Dom'n'Vin'sDad:
Okay. Saw Michael Buble last night. 320 or so people. Intimate, great setting - the lawn in front of the Rhine House at Beringer. Nice, decent, whatever. I don't get all the Buble love. Confused

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! The opening act was a group called "Naturally 7". Awesome! They are basically an a capella act, except the members "play" musical instruments with their voices. Simply fantastic. If you ever have the opportunity to see them, GO!!!

Here is a long youtube video of them -


I had just the reverse reaction when I saw the two of them here. Naturally 7 reminded me of one of those "America's Got Talent" acts. Couldn't wait for them to get off the stage.
First time I saw Buble, he had Jann Arden as his opener. Enjoyed her much more.