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Reply to "What cocktails are you making"

Originally posted by g-man:
For my fellow cocktail drinkers.

can you help a forumite out with your favorite winter cocktails?

i'm quite fond of the a cognac version of french 75

I've been drinking a lot of these:
Rust + Bone (Recipe From Drake 150 Restaurant):
1.5 oz. cedar infused bourbon (see instructions below)
.75 oz. Nonino Quintessentia Amaro
.50 oz. Benedictine
Stir over ice using a bar spoon + strain over a 2 inch cube into an old fashioned glass using a Hawthorne strainer.
To finish, garnish with a skewered Luxardo Maraschino Cherry
To infuse the bourbon:
Place the following in a large mason jar:
1. A handful of cedar chips
2. ½ bottle of bourbon
Shake intermittently for four hours + strain and remove cedar chips + pour back into bourbon bottle.

I"ve also been drinking Brown Butter Old Fashioneds

Bottle of Bourbon which has been infused with browned butter (one stick per bottle) for a few hours, then thrown in the freezer and had the fat removed.

2 oz Brown Butter Bourbon
1/2 oz maple syrup
3 drops Mole bitters
2 drops Angostura bitters
1 drop liquid smoke
Flamed thick orange twist