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Reply to "What cocktails are you making"

What's your recipe PH?

Sorry, must have missed this.

750 ml. good blanco tequila
250 ml. Cointreau
200 ml. fresh squeezed lime juice

You can up the lime juice if you prefer a little more tang. Freezer, not fridge in a covered pitcher. I've found no degradation in the flavors over time. Quite the opposite. After an overnight in the freezer the flavors seem to meld much better than when first mixed.

If you want to try something cool, pour a half an inch or so of the margarita in a wide bottomed glass and leave it in the freezer until it forms shale like layers of ice. It never completely freezes but makes a slushy consistency that is a lot of fun. Just take a tablespoon and slurp up a mouthful of this mix. Texture/flavor is pretty cool.