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Reply to "What cocktails are you making"

Originally posted by g-man:
What do you guys feel about 80 proof rye/bourbon in drinks.

i've been goign to a few cocktails bars and the ones that pick the house rye/bourbon typically are at 80 proof.

but when drunk they all taste a bit watery /flat.

just me drinking too much?

I'm not too familiar with any 80 proof rye. I would skip the 80 and go for +90 proof. Hell all Non-Distiller Producer rye sourced from MGP (Bulleit, Dickel, Templeton, etc.) are pretty decent mixers and 90 proof. My go-to mixing rye is Rittenhouse 100. Sazerac and Wild Turkey 101 round up the top three.

As for Bourbon, Four Roses Yellow is probably the only 80 proof Bourbon I would use as a mixer (in a pinch). Most of the Bourbons I drink are +90 proof.

But you are correct...IMHO 80 proof is way too weak.