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What are your favorite non-wine Costco/Kirkland products?

It’s not always my favorite place to shop given that our household is only two people. But we have grown to love a few of their branded items and buy them regularly.

Manchego and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses - both are excellent.

Toscano extra-virgin olive oil in the 1L bottle. Nice medium-deep green color, clean and fruity. I use their basic EVOO for cooking, but the Toscano is definitely a step up and my go-to for vinaigrette.

Anejo Tequila. Great aged flavor without seemingly artificially or over-oaked. Crazy value in the 1L bottle for I think $25.

Prime NY strips and filets. Prices fluctuate it these are occasionally priced lower than choice grades of beef at local grocers.

Oh, and don’t forget the pandemic stock-up size packs of toilet paper.

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