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Reply to "What are "your" 100 point wines?"

Three wines come to mind:

1985 Col d’Orca Poggio al Vento - drank this with Francesco Cinzano at the winery with lunch (along with every other vintage of PaV except the first which was 1982). I had drank great bottles of this prior but this one was ethereal probably due to the provenance. 

1967 d’Yquem - actually 2 bottles of this wine served at a dinner with Giacomo Neri and his winery team during a celebration of the 2007 harvest in Montalcino. 

1953 Charles Vienot Richebourg - A bottle from the Bern’s cellar chosen by Eric Renaud after I told him I had not had my Burgundy epiphany. That bottle still haunts me. 

Other notable wines that I would rate 99 points:

1959 Calon Segur

1968 Unico

1955 Biondi Santi BdM Riserva with Gar and KCO2

1959 Montrose

1982 Pichon Lalande with W+A, DoktaP, KCO2 and Asterix

Great topic that brings back some great memories.