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01FACB71-98AA-4547-91B4-EA18EC1184B783122668-6987-4485-A092-1A529B425C977730F0DE-222D-4BA5-AB76-354D91C6C7B5Had a really fun night with some good friends.  Ended up switching the Margaux for ‘73 Jaboulet-Vercherre Vosne Romanée.  Solid, took a while to open, but when it did it had an interesting iron/blood note to it.  Fruit still present but fading.

The Charles Krug still had plenty of fruit and a cherry tobacco note on the nose and palate (someone commented ‘Smells like a swisher sweet cigar from back in the day).

The BV tasted a lot better than it smelled;  I thought it was DOA but still had a bit of life. Underwhelming compared to the ‘75 we had recently.

The Heitz MV was a show stopper, one of the best wines I’ve had this year.  Amazingly youthful, brilliant color (pic attached).  Plenty of red fruit, licorice, and earth on the palate, with a beautiful nose.  I didn’t catch any eucalyptus as the MV is known for, but it didn’t disappoint. Would love to find another one of these.  

We started with an ‘07 Ridge SANTA Cruz Mnt Chard that still had plenty of acidity to play off of the roundness that it is now displaying. Beautiful wine. 


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  • 01FACB71-98AA-4547-91B4-EA18EC1184B7
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