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1987 Dunn Napa Valley

Have you tried this side-by-side with the Howell Mountain?  I would be interested in hearing about how they compare.

I haven't actually, but I opened it up a while back with some of the locals and while it wasn't as good as the HM, no one thought it was much behind it.  Might be the vintage though, as it's actually the only Napa Valley I've had.  


A few years back I attended a Dunn vertical blind tasting hosted by Toronto Vintners. It was supposed to be all Napa Valley, but it was revealed afterward that there were a few bottles of the HM thrown into the mix:

1991 Napa Valley
2002 Napa Valley
2003 Napa Valley
2004 Napa Valley
2005 Napa Valley
2006 Howell Mountain
2007 Howell Mountain
2008 Napa Valley
2009 Napa Valley

IIRC, the Napa wines showed as well as, or better than, the two HM bottles. Granted ALL the wines were extremely young, but there wasn't much difference between the NV and HM in either quality or profile. 

Thanks S.