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Reply to "What are you standing?"

My offsite storage is an hour away, and things get pretty well stirred up during the ride. So I try to give bottles 3 weeks or more standing up before I pop the corks.

I'm with thirsty man on this one. I usually have about 3 cases of various stuff standing up. Right now that group includes:

1991s: Forman, Beringer Reserve, Mondavi Reserve, Hess & Silverado
1990 Pichon Longueville
1990 Mondavi Reserve
2004 Leroy Bourgogne
1987 Forman
2001, 2003-2005 Concha y Toro Don Melchor
Old Laurel Glens: '86, '91, '92, '95 & '96
2001-2004 Neal Family cabs
Plus a bunch of other younger/lesser stuff in which I usually find a little sediment that I just have at the ready for a "Tuesday night"- like the 2007 Domaine Garrigue CdR Cuvee Romaine.

I try to keep a nice variety in the mix & at the ready.