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Reply to "What are you Smoking (BBQ)?"

mneeley490 posted:
gregt posted:
You guys who are doing bacon - where are you buying your meat? Are you only using pork bellies? And are you using a dedicated smoker? All I have is a Weber, which is fine for tri-tip, ribs, chickens, etc., but I have no clue when it comes to something like bacon.

I've never done it and it seems like a good project. Any other tips?


Lots of great tips on this website:

I usually smoke bellies, and they are plentiful at most Costcos, or at other wholesalers like Restaurant Depot or Smart Foodservice. You might find some with your local butcher. Every once in a while I'll make Buckboard Bacon, or BBB. You use a pork butt (shoulder) and cure and smoke in the same way as a belly. (Curing will take longer of course, due to the thickness.) 

Many people cold smoke, some hot smoke, but I prefer to warm smoke for about 12 hours at no more than 130°, so for that I use an electric.  It's trickier on a Weber, but I've known people who do it.

+1 to everything mneeley said.  As for smoking the belly on a Weber, that's what I routinely use.  I used to use my Weber Smokey Mountain, but I've replaced it with a charcoal Summit, and now I use that.  I used to try and keep the old one touch charcoal grill in the low 100's, but I just didn't notice any difference when I smoked at 100 or 200, or really anything less than 225. 

Take the plunge gregt, it truly makes a world of difference.