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Would LOVE to get a good pork butt/shoulder recipe from someone and actually follow it, which I never do!

No need to over-complicate with this brining bullshit. Save that for birds.

I smoke 1-2 butts/ shoulders a month, and it's got to be the most forgiving meat out there. The key is to leave it the hell alone, don't wrap, and get that sucker to at least 190F - 195F.

Here's my go-to recipe. This stuff gets devoured at my house:

- Get the smoker up to temp (225 - 275ish...doesn't really matter for pork). Apple or Cherry wood. Use more than you normally would.

- Prep the pork right before it goes on the smoker. Cold meat seems to yield a better smoke ring/ profile.

- Yellow mustard binder, with "Bad Byron's Butt Rub" is all I use. No injection, no brine, no AP. Keep it simple: Mustard & rub.

- Minimal trimming. I'm mainly looking for glands, veins, big fat deposits. Basically, stuff I don't want to eat.

- Set it & forget it on the smoker. I'll spritz with Apple Juice or beer every 4 hours or so, but that's it.

- DO NOT WRAP! It destroys the bark. Ride the stall (usually at 160F - 170F).

- Pull at 190F - 195F. Cover with foil & rest it in a cooler for an hour or two.

My Favorite Sauce:

This is an Eastern NC vinegar sauce. I'm pretty sure this stuff is a Schedule 1 addictive narcotic in 47 states - It's that good.

- 2 cups White Vinegar

- 2 cups Cider Vinegar

- A bunch of red pepper flakes

- A bunch of cayenne pepper (just eyeball it)

- 1/2 cup brown sugar

- Hot sauce (to taste, but a few drops of Dave's Insanity is great here)

- Bring to a slow boil, stir occasionally, then turn off the heat & cover. This stuff will keep in the fridge for a few months, and tastes better after a week or so.