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Reply to "What are you Smoking (BBQ)?"

Originally posted by Wine and Food Expert:
I am smoking a delicious loin of albacore, which will be spice and brown sugar rubbed, and smoked for 2.5 hours, removed, and "pulled", much like, pulled pork.

With this, I create a wonderfully delicious smoked albacore taco. Served atop my fluffy homemade tortillas, is a refreshing and colourful cabbage, spring onion and green apple slaw, a healthy serving of the smoked albacore. Finally, a sweet and spicy mango habanero sauce is drizzled atop for a refreshing, delightful Sonoma afternoon, al-fresco lunch, absolutely! I trust you will follow my lead and prepare this dish for yourselves, with due reverence!


i expect more from you. please tell me you rode a manta ray bareback to the cocos islands where you hand-wrestled a world-record albacore in a kelp forest... or smoked it with the dried petals of atamcama desert rose that bloom, well, not necessarily every year....

otherwise i had these at some parkdale hipster taco joint for lunch the other day and they were kind of menh... with a few micheladas absolutely!

i will assume this is a one off slip. I continue to hold you to a higher standard of entertainment.