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Reply to "What are you Smoking (BBQ)?"

Originally posted by sarbuze:
~7.5 lb pork shoulder just went on with apple wood, will brush every 45 mins with an apple cider vinegar based liquid, for pulled pork tonight

Plan on brining to ~195, which apparently is best for making the pork pull easily. Any other advice is appreciated, have about 8 hours to make adjustments Smile

opening the wsm every 45 minutes will have you hitting the stall for alot longer.

i'd highly recommend injecting the pork shoulder with your liquid then covering it and just walk away for a few hours

or, texas crutch it.

the science behind it is that the meat sweats as you cook it. like when a person sweats, it cools off the temperature of the meat. you'd need the humidity of the WSM to match the liquid on the meat otherwise you'd hit the stall (a very long one too if you're just opening and letting humidity out every 45 minutes)