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Reply to "What are you Smoking (BBQ)?"

Originally posted by g-man:
only talking about brining

been curing for the past 2 years and havne't killed myself yet ;-)

the idea is, wet brine you waste alot of water and salt and space in the fridge
This is true. I've outgrown my mini beer fridge, and am looking at buying a used, full size for the garage, if I can ever clear enough space.

dry brine you just slap it on, wrap in paper towel, let it come to room temp and put it down to the smoker.

was curious about people's experiences

I think i'm in agreement with galvezguy, I'm just not good at dry-brining salmon, comes out way too salty Also true with me. I've had many people rave over my smoked salmon, but it never seems quite right to me. I like a harder, sweeter version, as opposed to something like lox. Sometimes called squaw candy around here.

looks like teh lowest published lethal dose of sodium nitrite is 71mg/kg . so fat person like me needs 6.4gs of immediate consumption before it'd kill me =)