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Reply to "What are you Smoking (BBQ)?"

Have always used a weber grill for smoking (indirect method) but finally broke down and bought the Weber Rocky Mountain smoker (gman's advice).

First time using it this past weekend:

- pork ribs (5 racks, dry rubbed w/ my own bbq rub)
- whole chickens (dry rubbed, herbs)
- 2.5 lb salmon fillet (lemon, tarragon, salt, pepper)

The ribs were good. Overdone a bit (which Gman was kind enough to message me about after seeing my facebook post) but the group loved them. The flavor was good, homemade bbq sauce was a hit and my family wants me to start jarring it for them (have made it this way for years). Just need to work on timing, the pork spent too much time in the smoker.

Chickens were incredibly moist. Served with olive oil and lemons, huge hit.

Salmon was good, pulled it off a bit medium rare and it went over well with the group.

Very excited to get this thing going again in the near future, next up will be a whole turkey and a duck.