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Reply to "What are you Smoking (BBQ)?"

Originally posted by Parcival:
after enjoying smoking on the Big Green Egg for many many years, but finding less and less time to do it, I caved and bought a pellet smoker . . .

Yes, you no longer get the satisfaction of building, tending to, and maintenance your own fire, but you can smoke spur of the moment, leave and go to the gym 5 minutes after you press the start button and set the temp, go work out, work for a few hours, and come home to delicious smoked meat.

Anyway, I digress . . .in the past two days:
-smoked chicken wings with apple wood pellets (then tossed in a hot cast iron pan with a habanero-mango bbq sauce)
-Baby back ribs (ala TDUB recipe) last night smoked with pecan wood pellets. Served with a few different bbq sauces on the side.

Still have my Big Green Egg and look forward to using it when I have the time. But, with the pellet grill, I have a feeling that smoking will become a much more regular occurrence around here

but how else can you get a bunch of guys sitting around a big charcoal fire drinking first growths??