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Reply to "What are you listening to....... right now..........."

billhike posted:

I’ve actually tried to be more civil and conversational with you recently. I’m certainly not bent out of shape - more confused as to why anyone would spend their time being constantly negative. Especially on a forum with a purpose of existence you seem barely interested in. At least the words “sucked then, sucks now” may save someone a little effort in trying to come up with a fitting epitaph for you one day.

I actually first used that phrase a number of years ago. Since then it has been used a few times by other posters--in a mocking way. I saw this article of interest in the LA Times and posted it with what I thought was a playful use of the infamous phrase.

"...why anyone would spend their time being constantly negative."

Actually a great majority of my comments about movies, television and art are positive. I believe the average is greater than 80%.

As for how I'm remembered when I'm dead, I don't think anyone can be harder on myself than me. (Or is it, "on me than myself?)

As for my epitaph, I already have it written out, I thought it was a dress rehearsal

However it's hard to beat Rodney, who, like Peter Falk is also at Pearce Brothers in Westwood.


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