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Reply to "What are you listening to....... right now..........."

sunnylea57 posted:
The Old Man posted:
billhike posted:

Nice try, troll. 

That really hurts.

I was never able to listen all the way through one of their albums.

You wouldn't get the eye rolls you get if you just stopped proclaiming your opinions as fact.

Try "That said, I've always thought that Led Zeppelin sucked." or "IMHO, Led Zeppelin sucked then and suck now. I've never been able to listen to one of their albums all the way through."

That's what I rried to point out by re-editing my previous message, and as I've mentioned in another post, who cares what my opinion is? You can attack my favorite movies, artist, TV shows, Etc. It really doesn't bother me in any way because I beleve in my opinions. I assume everyone else does too.

I knew this started as a mild rebuke of me, but it would be an interesting point of discussion as I've mentioned before.

Who gives a shit about other people's opinions? Especially ones they don't even know on the internet? If they align with ours we think they're brilliant. And if they don't, they must be idiots.