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bman posted:
purplehaze posted:

After watching a bunch of snippets of him on Colbert, I've been listening to a good bit of random James Taylor.  I'd forgotten how much his music was a part of my youth.  

If you like JT, do watch the interviews.  A quirky genius, this James Taylor fellow, and a great storyteller.  His confirmation on the origin of You Can Close Your Eyes. is worth the price of admission.

 A truly wonderful fingerstyle guitar player and a damn good songwriter.  Haven't heard a cut from his new album yet, but will definitely do so.


His tour starts in a few weeks. We may see him in Edmonton. 

I saw a live performance on TV in the past month - can't recall where - and he seemed to be struggling with his vocal range. You could see him straining for the higher notes. Hopefully he just had a cold, because he's got such a great voice.

If he has his long-time band on this tour, it's well worth the price of admission. Phenomenal players including Steve Gadd on drums, Jimmy Johnson on bass, Lou Marini on sax, etc. If those names don't mean anything to you, google them.