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Originally posted by Jabe11:
Having a run at a friends GD cd suitcase set, thought I'd dip into 78 a bit.
1-7-78 Golden Hall, San Diego....I had to double check this on the dead base as I thought I might have been a weird edit, as it was all Bob songs. Turns out Jerry had severe laryngitis.
1-8-78 Golden Hall, SD
1-10-78 Shrine Auditorium, LA
1-11-78, Shrine Auditorium, LA
2-4-78 listed as dade county auditorium, IA but this was a dick's picks blend of two nights
3-18-78 JGB, Warner theater, DC
3-22-78 JGB, Veterans Hall, Sebastopol, CA
4-10-78 Fox theater, Atlanta, most of the 1st set missing
4-12-78 Duke University, NC
On deck:
4-16-78 Huntington civic center, WV

78 was a great vintage for the Dead.