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Reply to "What are you listening to....... right now..........."

Originally posted by Hunter:
Ozzy: Flying high again, you can't kill rock n'roll
IM: Two Minutes to midnight, the trooper
JP: Heading out to the highway
Crue: Too young to fall in love.

I have been trying to ignore this but I must offer my opinion.

Ozzy- best performances Black Sabbath "Volume 4", "Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath" and the "self titled debut". He ruined "Never Say Die" and then took his ****ty vocals with him.

Iron Maiden- I prefer the Dianno era but I think Maiden was still great through Powerslave. Dianno was more rock, Dickinson was more operatic vocals and literate subject matter and the song structures became more epic. I respect both but Dianno was more fun.

Judas Priest- Heading out to the highway is a great rock song. The beginning of their decline though.

My favorite Crue song was Wildside, Kickstart my Heart was okay and I like Home Sweet Home only because they played that song twice at my junior high graduation, ah nostalgia.