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Reply to "What Are You Buying?"

Went on a little shopping spree today.  Some additional wines, some new ones.

2017 Chavy-Couet St. Aubin 1er Murgers des Dents Chien

2012 Damijan Kaplja

6 x 2015 Dirler-Cade Pinot Gris Kessler

2 x 2018 Pradeaux Rosé

2015 Big Basin Pinot Noir Lester

2016 Melville Estate Pinot Noir

2016 Melville Pinot Noir Sandy’s

2011 Chapelle St. Theodric Guigasse Cdp

2013 Rotem and Mounir Saouma Omnia Cdp

2 x 2016 B. Levet Cote-Rotie La Chavaroche

2014 Jamet Cote-Rotie

2013 Tomasso Bussola Amarone