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Reply to "What Are You Buying?"

sunnylea57 posted:
vincentric posted:

14 x 2013 Boutari Grande Riserva, not chasing points.  QPR wine. 

Thanks VinC! I didn't realize it was released last weekend. I'll grab some tonight.

So I went to the Bloor/Royal York store last night to get some Boutari. Online inventory said they had 54 bottles in stock. I couldn't find it anywhere on the shelf, even with the help of two different staff members. They finally found it in the stock room.

I bought 4 bottles and paid cash, but I wasn't paying attention and didn't do the math when he rang it up. After he handed me my receipt I noticed that it was $26.05/bottle instead of $22.95. Then I noticed that the receipt listed it as the 2012 vintage instead of 2013.

He scanned the bottles again and it still came up on their system as 2012. LCBO should really stop using the same SKU for multiple vintages of a wine.

I had to go get my phone from my car and show him the wine on the LCBO app to verify the product code and price, and then he had to enter it by hand. And then refund the difference.

Between not being able to find the wine and the screw up at the cash, a simple in-and-out purchase ended up taking 45 minutes.