Reply to "What Are You Buying?"

Saw a random FB for sale post selling a small wine fridge and some "fancy" wines. Recognized some labels and asked for a list. Went right over after I saw the list and picked it all up for $400 as storage and condition appeared very good. When I asked why she was selling, she said her husband didnt drink any more. As i was leaving she said he'll probably cry when he gets home so maybe she wouldnt tell him. I think thats a good decision. He may kill her if only for the last one on the list.

2007 Anselmann Blanc De Noir Pfalz Eiswein

1996 Dow Late Bottled Vintage Port

2013 Orin Swift Abstract

1996 Rutherford Hill Vintage Zinfandel Port

1997 BV Winemakers Collection Napa Valley Port

1998 Heitz Napa Valley cab

1997 Keenan Napa Valley cab

1996 Silver Oak Napa Cab

1997 Silver Oak Napa Cab

1997 Chateau St Jean Cinq Cepages

1998 Chateau St Jean Cinq Cepages

1997 Chateau Montelena The Montelena Estate cab

1998 Chateau Montelena The Montelena Estate cab

Oh yeah the last one... 2002 Phelps Insignia (RP100 and 2005 WS WOTY)

All pristine. Anyone want a free wine fridge