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Reply to "Welshturd getting "abused" on berserkers"


in case anybody is surprised

websites (out of the box tools from google analytics for instnace)

tracks things like location, potential prev webpage that linked to their page, and certainly if it was a targeted link, the person who went to that webpage.

There should be no assumption of privacy.

Visiting google, then htting another site that utilizes their networks gives them an entire trace history of where you've been on the internet.

(it's also why i make sure that I visit my fair share of pr0n sites so the govt and companies dont think i'm a weirdo)

so short answer

can sojourn get your traffic history? probably yes. is it an invasion of privacy when you click on their email link and goto their website and they find out yer going to the link? no.

but if you're truly worried. I'd suggest you throw out your credit card first.