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Reply to "Vintages November Classics Catalogue"

Originally posted by MeritageMan:
In order of most individuals refused:

'00 Latour

The first on the list was a bit of a surprise... but if I actually mention how many bottles were brought into Classics in the first place, I fear that you'll all tear me a new one.

Wow... very interesting list... thanks!

The Galatrona isn't that much of a surprise, I guess, if quantities are low.

The Octavius was only the 5th or 6th best Aussie on the list (IMO), so I guess this is a combination of Parker points and Yalumba being all over the place in Ontario?

The Latour positively blows me away... Huge demand at an $1100 price tag? Shows just how out of whack the supply/demand equation is in Ontario for Bordeaux.