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Reply to "Vintages November Classics Catalogue"

Just picked up the catalogue from the FCP store today. Wow... just wow!... I mean the outrageous prices. I usually shop at K&L in the LA area whenever I'm down in the US, so lets just take a few samples from LCBO Classics that I may have purchased and compare:

2004 Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvée Boisrenard:
LCBO = $72
K&L = $40

2003 Scavino Bric Del Fiasc:
LCBO = $125
K&L = $88

2004 Almaviva:
LCBO = $85
K&L = $50

I stopped checking after these and I didn't even bother with bordeaux since I already know LCBO prices them in the stratosphere.

You have to add California state tax of about 7%, but the difference is still enormous.

The Yalumba Muscat Reserve is interesting. The 375mL was selling at PJ Wines in Manhattan a while back for $15 (it sold out pretty quickly though) and is $25 in the Classics catalogue. I still might jump at $25 to give it a try, but that's probably about it.