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Reply to "Vintage Charts and Drinking Windows"

Originally posted by DoubleD:
I started drinking my 1997 Brunellos in 2004 which was the beginning of the WS window. Could I have waited a few more years for the wine to develop further? I believe the answer is yes. In retrospect, reviewing the tasting notes from others through Cellar Tracker or WS would have helped me understand where the wine is in its development.

Unfortunately, I don't have any First Growths or Grange or Massetos. The average price of my bottles are typically between $50 and $100.

The answer to your comment regarding the '97's is yes, they would have continued to delvelop. But hey, I personally prefer to open one still 'developing' than on the decline, personally. Opening in 2004 wasn't a case of infanticide. Did you enjoy them? That's the most important thing.

I have one bottle of 1997 Solaia. Last year, Suckling suggested 2 more years to 'peak'. With only one bottle, I'll target that. But that JS target was made immediately following a tasting he made of that wine, so it's a darn good estimate, depending bottle variation of course. Close enough for me.

Regarding the prices of your wines: The same good advice given by the forumites above holds true for youryour wines as it does for the "First Growths or Grange or Massetos". The difference? The 'when to open' windows will be substantially shorter. The same advice applies, whether a good quality wine, or a great one.