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Reply to "Vegetarian's out there?"

Originally posted by spo:
I know bacon is meat.

Meat is harder to digest then vegetables, if you do go on a vegetarian diet you will lose weight and improve your digestion and increase enzymes, speed up elimination etc. There is more to weight than just calories.

Hi spo,

I see what you're saying, but think of calories as gasoline. You can put 10 gallons of regular in your car, and you might go 250 miles. You can put 10 gal of Super in there, and you'll be going basically the same distance, but might get there a little more quickly, and burn off some engine deposits in the process.

We're definately bombarded with lots of contradictory info, but if you put 100 calories of brocolli in one hand, and 100 cals of sugar in the other, the mass and volume difference will be obvious. But, eat those two things, and your body will think, "I just received 200 calories," and decide, based on your activity level (and metabolism), whether to store or burn those calories.

Sitting on the couch and eating 3000 calories a day in brocolli, bell peppers and spinach will definately make you fat, not to mention have gas out the wazoooo.

As a sidenote, some folks are genetically predisposed to large weight gain. Folks from tiny pacific islands often have to fight this when they come to "the mainland." Islanders historically have had regular periods of famine to contend with, and those who were good at keeping weight on had a distinct advantage.

Good luck,