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Reply to "Vaynerchuck or Parker?"

Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
The 'movement', is against Ghost Horse's schtick, which is the most extreme form of a wine marketing mantra that started when Robert slugged Peter and reached it's peek, well now.

Calling it a movement, may be a bit much, but the marketplace is shifting. It's getting younger, female, and cares less about ratings, luxury appeal, and 'power'.

My mailing list is over 40% female, and probably 60% under 40. (From what I can tell) That demographic would shock most Napa mailing lists. Honestly I don't know how it happened, but it's not what one would expect. Something is changing, and consumers are looking for new and different voices, who connect better with them and why they drink wine.

ok. to be clear, whatever the "modern wine movement" is, it would seem to have little, if anything, in common with Ghost Horse World. While I don't think there's anything to fret over with GHW, I'd rather pop a bottle or two with this movement thing, including a bottle of this Bordeaux gary's pushing.

My point was that whether you call your version of a hobby a movement or whether you sell (albeit partly facetiously) the privilege to "belong," both of this is too clubby for my tastes, too us vs. them. People can almost be snobbish about how much they are not snobs.

That wine demographics are changing is great. It makes sense that retail shops and wineries would cater to that in their merchandising and marketing. But to speak of this as a movement, to me, misses the point.

I'm rambling. I've just never been a joiner. I don't trust movements on grave, nobel-prize things, much less something so perfectly enjoyable as a glass of wine.

Just my two cents.