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Reply to "Vaynerchuck or Parker?"

dont forget Stephan Tanzer loved it and is a very VERY tough critic and gave it 90-93, I really think people will win by buying this wine, I understand I wear 2 hats and I always will and for that I will not apologize but will of course respect and FULLY understand where people are coming from, Brandon I think u know me, to question this is understandable and I respect that but I think u know who I am and I hope like with any person in this world you take them for the "proof in the pudding" I bought all this wine before Tanzer ever scored it because I thought it rocked, for ST the toughest critic out there to score this up to a 93 I think shows a lot, but of course everything is what and how you want to look at it. Stay well everyone, again those of you who have opinions about me that have never meet me please give me a chance to share some vino with you one day. Stay healthy all!
Originally posted by Brandon M:
Originally posted by MorBorDo:
I received this e-mail this morning from GaryV.

The last 2005 Bordeaux you need to buy a case of

This is a special wine for me, a worldwide exclusive to Wine Library because of a very smart deal I put together when I went to Bordeaux last year! I don't have the liberty to score it since I was involved, but I was PUMPED that Stephen Tanzer reviewed the wine. Tanzer is a difficult critic and 90 - 93 points from him is an outstanding score, but in all honesty I was actually kinda disappointed and thought it was underrated, ESPECIALLY when I finally tasted it from the bottle. As you'll see in the video I believe this wine will last for 30+ years EASY and I am humbled to have been a part of this project.

Reasons to jump on this today:

The price of this wine will be rising to $49.99 on Monday!

Quality in the bottle equals what most $100 futures are tasting like right now.

This wine is being discussed in a thread on Robert Parker's boards.

This is a very rare opportunity given the small production... only 315 cases were made.

Given the price inflations and the way the 2005 demand has become, this may even be a wine you want to consider buying multiple cases of.

Now my question is this: What is the probability that an independent wine critic would say "The last 2005 Bordeaux you need to buy a case of"
while at the same time being the exclusive seller of that very same wine?

The answer in none. Any independent critic would instantly loose his or her credibility as an unbiased independent critic.

I'm a HUGE supporter of Gary, WLTV, AND Wine Library but I do find this statement to carry some weight. It certainly makes you think about it.