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Reply to "Vaynerchuck or Parker?"

Originally posted by dr.darkrichandbold:
And, if you'd prefer RP, WS, and cellartracker to stock your cellar, that's your choice. Nothing wrong with that.

I'm just saying the same thing that Roy Hersh said earlier, and that Gary V. said earlier, and that Parker says too. Trust your own palate, and educate it before you drop money on something you can barely afford.

You're missing the point that I trust my palate and wine knowledge enough to buy these wines knowing I've enjoyed them from other vintages. Maybe not everyone is comfortable with this, but so far it's worked out great for me.

My original statement was in agreement with you:
I am a strong advocate of only buying wines that you have tried and know you will enjoy. But it's not easy, or possible to do this in many instances due to finances.

You are making the assumption that I can "barely afford" these wines? My budget allows me quite a bit of freedom in my wine purchases. That said, it's not a loss to me if in 10 years I don't like 1 of two bottles I to taste it in the first place I would have bought one of the bottles. Again, the other bottle I can use for cooking or give to my father or a friend. Maybe I'll look you up in 10 years and donate a few bottles I don't like.

Since you seem to be so adamant that you should only buy wines you know you'll like:

How do you taste every wine you purchase before you actually purchase it? Meaning, do you not have to make an initial purchase of one bottle before stocking up?

How are you able to predict how a wine will evolve over time? Wines undergo serious transformations over time...if you like it in 2008, doesn't mean you'll like it in 2020. On the other may love a wine now, but in 10 years you might think it's mediocre.

One final thing, you said it yourself that palates change over time as do wine preference. If I buy a bottle now, love it and lay down a case of it for 20 years, who is to say I'll still be enjoying those wines in 20 years? To me it's silly to fill a cellar with cases of the same thing when there is so much great stuff out there to try, especially when you're preferences for style of wine might be completely different by the time the wines peak.
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