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Reply to "Vaynerchuck or Parker?"

Personally I have never detected the least prejudice in GV's ratings. I really believe he tells it like it is, whether his company carries the wine or not.

Whatever you may think of his personality or style, I think he is totally unbiased.

You may be right. We will never know because there is no genetic test for bias. The best we can do is to find an opinion which at least appears like that person has no reason to be biased and every reason to be unbiased. Here's a little 3 question test. If you get them all right (answers at the bottom) then you will understand what people are trying to say here.

Q1. Which of the following individuals would you think is most likely to give you an unbiased opinion of which is the best LCD TV on the market today;

A1. The sales guy on the floor at Best Buy during "Toshiba Blow-Out Days!".
A2. The most recent review of LCD TVs in Consumer Reports magazine.

Q2. Whom of the following two sources would you most trust to give you the straight skinny on the best full size pickup on the market today.

A1. Your cousin Vince who works the sales lot at the local Ford dealereship.
A2. The annual Road and Track Full Sized Truck roundup for 2008.

Q3. Which of the following sources would you use to help evaluate a Bordeaux wine to purchase for your daughter's wedding in June.

A1. Wine Library TV archives.
A2. Robert Parker's Bordeaux tastings (alternately if you have it Bordeaux: A Consumer's Guide to the World's Finest Wines, 4th ed. 2003.)

If you answered A2 for all, you get the point being made.