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Reply to "Vaynerchuck or Parker?"

Originally posted by Instant Access:

With due regard, you actually made my point.

It very well may be that WL's internet sales are soaring b/c GV pans certain wines thereby giving him the appearance of objectivity with regard to the wines he scores highly. This leads to trust and trust leads to sales from the VaynerNation.

My point was really that simple.

Gary appears to be a nice guy, and very well may be objective, but I think you are a bit naive re the business end of things.

But, people are drinking wine and talking about it, so it's a good thing.

I've been involved w/ business for 25 years....but I think we seem to be agreeing. The only point I was responding to was whether Gary is objective.....again, if that objectivity sells more wine, that's OK with me. What would not be OK is if he wasn't objective (as objective as one can be when not tasting blindly).