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Reply to "Unopened Chardonnay still good?"

Originally posted by GreenDrazi:
IL Duce,

My humblest apologies if you found my post snobbery. In this day and age of the internet and these, oh so brief encounters, I try to be concise with an occasional bit of humor.

For your reference, WS scored the wine a S80 and please note the drinking window.

[QUOTE]Pleasant but simple, with tangerine and toast flavors. Drink now. (HS)
Nov 30, 1998

I am impressed by your acknowledgment. Please understand where I am coming from. Place yourself as a novice in any of your affections and asking for help of people that you consider experts. Then imagine one of those "experts" telling you that what you thought was good is crap and make a joke out of it. Not a good feeling? Add that to the belief by the majority that wine drinkers are snobs and you have snowballed the feeling. I'm done.

Also, as to your review, my belief is still that an 80 point wine is not a bad wine and good for novices. Here is WS defintion:

"80-84 Good: a solid, well-made wine"