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Reply to "TV SHOWS: What are you watching?"

@sunnylea57 posted:


5/8ths of the way through season 7. Like the previous six seasons, it’s a solid, entertaining, well-made police procedural. We’ve enjoyed the entire run of the series, but it’s nothing revelatory. It feels like a bit of a throwback to something the big 3 networks might have produced 20 years ago.

Well I guess I have to step in. Bosch is in no way related to earlier police procedurals. There is actual filmmaking going on in these episodes; each episode is directed and particularly shot with great skill and care. I place it #2 behind that perhaps never to be surpassed The Wire.

"You don’t ever get deeply invested in the characters."

Well that may be you. But I think that Titus Welliver simply inhabits the role. We know him, we know how he thinks. And there's so many other great characters who we've seen fully developed over the years including J. Edgar, Maddie, LT, the Chief. Note, as I've pointed out before, that the character arcs almost never follow what is in the books.

Trivia, for the observant: Did you see Michael Connelly sitting in the background in the last episode at Musso and Frank Grill? Pretty much what he and Welliver did was give this classic LA restaurant a needed boost as the pandemic lessens.

No, I won't be debating this because what's the point? Happy to say I've booked my first tour group since the pandemic who want to go see Bosch locations and the great architecture of LA.