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I'm going to Tuscany for my honeymoon for two weeks in late May/early June. I'll be on the Ligurian coast to start, but then will be near Maremma (and Ornellaia/Sassicaia/Antinori) for a couple of days, and then in Florence for the second week. All I've read has gotten me very excited. I'd like to buy some good Tuscan wines to enjoy back here in Virginia. I was hoping the forum readers might have some gems of wisdom for me regarding my questions below:

1) Will I find the best $$$ deals at the wineries, or are the wine shops in the towns going to have pretty good prices?
You are going to be buying in Euro so at today's exchange rates you won't find any deals. Buy the wine that is already backed up in the USA distribution system from the long list of good vintages available.
2) What is the best way to find interesting wineries that are visitor-friendly? Should I make appointments, and if so, how far in advance? (I don't speak Italian, btw)
You must make reservations in advance if you want to see and taste anything special. There are many properties where someone speaks English so check this out first.
3) Due to budget restrictions, I'd like to buy several bottles in the $30-60 range, and take a few precious bottles in the $60-100 range home as well, maybe a case in total. Any thoughts on a good buying strategy?
The best buying strategy is to buy all the bargains that you can find in the USA and save your back.
4) What vintages should I expect will be available to taste and purchase?
2002 and back
5) If I end up with a case of wine (or two), should I ship it back, or try to carry it back (and presumably pay some import tariff)?

6) Anything wine or winery related that I should just not miss?
Bistecca Fiorentina
Like this!

I've looked at some websites with related info, but I'm hoping some of you have some good ideas for me. Thanks a lot!

like this
or this
Or most of all this

Don't worry about wine. Visit the wineries and have a great time, but buy your wine in the USA and worry about EATING!

Craig Camp