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Reply to "Tuscan Honeymoon"

My fiancee and I are going to Tuscany on our honeymoon also. However, we will be there early September 2004. I asked similar questions, and here is what I found...

1) Will I find the best $$$ deals at the wineries, or are the wine shops in the towns going to have pretty good prices?
-- Wineries

2) What is the best way to find interesting wineries that are visitor-friendly? Should I make appointments, and if so, how far in advance? (I don't speak Italian, btw)
-- Most wineries speak English... DEFINATELY make appointments. Most require 24 hours in advance.

3) Due to budget restrictions, I'd like to buy several bottles in the $30-60 range, and take a few precious bottles in the $60-100 range home as well, maybe a case in total. Any thoughts on a good buying strategy?
-- I am going to try wines at the wineries I visit, and buy directly from them. Also, I'm told there are quite a few larger format bottles available, which are next to impossible to get in the US. So, that may be a way to go.

4) What vintages should I expect will be available to taste and purchase?
-- Taste... 2003 Purchase... probably a lot

5) If I end up with a case of wine (or two), should I ship it back, or try to carry it back (and presumably pay some import tariff)?
-- Carry the wine... and ship your clothes. The tariff is VERY small, so even if you declare, customs usually lets you go.

6) Anything wine or winery related that I should just not miss?
I'm told Banfi is like the Disneyland of Italian Wineries.

Let me know how it goes, and if you have any recommendations for me!!!