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I called La Toque earlier this evening to confirm the reservation as well as checking to see if they would take 22 of us, as I was originally told that they can only handle 20 people in the private salon.

So as long as no one mind being closer to their neighbors, we are good to go for all 22 of us. La Toque have no clue of what they are in for... Wink Big Grin

Now, if any of you on the guest list is even thinking remotely about flaking, better speak up now or else...

rhone warrior - 2
pyang - 1
stealthman_1 - 1
enjoyingwine - 2
winebrat - 2
mjneal - 2
Gove Celio - 2
red4life - 2
RedHot - 4
Brook Hilton - 1
Michael Logan - 2
Paul Walker - 1

Oh, and let's get that wine list thingy started, keep in mind of the 95pts(WA, WS, or Tanzer) or better theme as well as taking food & wine pairing into consideration. Cool

2004 Whirlwind Tour

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