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Reply to "Top 5 (or so) concerts you attended"

billhike posted:
We saw Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field on my birthday recently. When it was over I commented to my wife and our friends that it was for sure in the top 3-5 shows I've seen in my life. It got me thinking what my replies would be if asked what were the best shows that I have attended. So, not in any order, these are my most memorable. And I'm looking forward to seeing what others post.

Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field, 2016 - three plus hours of intensity, very tightly performed. One of my measures of a great concert is the enjoyment level of seeing unfamiliar material played. I probably didn't know about a third of the songs, but it didn't matter. Eddie Vedder's voice was in great shape, and Mike McCready's solos were fantastic as was Matt Cameron's drumming. The audience participation was a cherry on top. Good sound and the ballpark made a great backdrop, as did perfect weather.

2007 Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival, Toyota Park - Sunny day with almost universally great performances by the list of artists below with a great sound mix and nice weather. Enough said.
Sonny Landreth
John McLaughlin
Alison Krauss
Doyle Bramhall
Derek Trucks Band with Susan Tedeschi
Johnny Winter
Robert Randolph
Robert Cray
Jimmie Vaughan
Hubert Sumlin
B.B. King.
John Mayer
Vince Gill
Albert Lee
Sheryl Crow
Los Lobos
Jeff Beck
Eric Clapton (w/ Steve Winwood and Robbie Robertson)
Buddy Guy

Metallica, 1991, Rosemont Horizon - they were absolutely at the height of their live performance abilities as a band. Hetfield's voice had all of the bark but with more power then before, and Lars played not only all of the double-bass parts but added fills here and there that weren't on records. Three hours of bad-ass intensity playing their best material. While I still like them, their live performances took a steep decline since 2000. Lars is a lazy, sloppy "drummer" now who may as well have the same kit used by the Stray Cats. Other metal drummers of similar age can still rage - because they choose to. Hetfield's live vocals no longer have any bite. And while Robert Trujillo is a good bass player, his background vocals are pathetic and that stupid crab-walk thing he does looks beyond stupid.

Lollapalooza II, 1992, Alpine Valley, WI - back when Lolla was a touring festival - Pearl Jam's 1st tour of large venues supporting Ten, Soundgarden supporting Badmotorfinger, Ice Cube, Ministry and headlined by a still relevant Red Hot Chili Pepppers. PJ was the performer of the day IMO, with Soundgarden a close second. Eddie lowered himself from the pavilion overhang by a rope. Soundgarden was awesome in every way, and seeing Chris Cornell pull of his vocals live was something. 20+ years later with Audioslave, his voice was still incredible.

Bruce Springsteen and (the entire) E Street Band, United Center, 2007 - this was my only time seeing them. While a relatively short show for them at about 2:15, it was fantastically paced. It was also one of the last shows by Danny Federici, who passed from cancer about 6 months later. Our seats were in the third level of the cavernous UC, but the band's energy made it all the way upstairs. I feel fortunate to have witnesssed the entire band, and this show met all expectations.

Metallica and Lolla 1992 are out for me. The replacements are U2 Joshua Tree 2017 at Soldier Field, and last night’s Queen with Adam Lambert show at the United Center.