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Reply to "Top 5 (or so) concerts you attended"

Originally posted by Pinotlvr:
5. 1987 - Motley Crue with Guns N Roses (Lakeland, FL) - Ok, the Crue sucked, but why this show was so great was 1) how much better G'N'R was than Motley Crue, but also, with only 1 album under their belt, they practically played the entire Appetite for Destruction album

4. 2011 - Judas Priest (Epitath Tour, Tampa, FL) - was special in that they played an extended show with a balanced setlist with songs from 1974 to 2008.

3. 2016 - Iron Maiden (Book of Souls Tour, Ft. Lauderdale & Las Vegas) - Amazing set design, good balance for songs from new album and classics

2. 2012 - Iron Maiden (Maiden England Tour - Atlanta, GA) - with Alice Cooper opening. Amazing to see both Alice and Maiden in 1 one show. Was a retro tour for Maiden - played songs from albums released 1980-1992

1. 1988 - Iron Maiden (7th Son Tour - Tampa, FL) - Opening band was Savatage which has sort of morphed into Trans Siberian Orchestra these days and local to the Tampa area. Bruce Dickinson in his prime, when he truly was the "Air Raid Siren"

I bet nobody can guess who my favorite band might be...LOL

Met Iron Maiden at bar in the Bahamas they hung out in (may have owned) around Spring Break 1985. Greenwine was actually with me on that trip but I dont think he was with me that night as I took out a couple girls I met at our hotel.