Reply to "Top 5 (or so) concerts you attended"

In no particular order:

Chick Corea Electric Band, Arcata, CA, about 1990. All us hippies there were dancing and jumping around to the music. Great show, and Corea seemed amazed and thrilled to do 3 or 4 encores.

Smashing Pumpkins, San Jose arena, about '95. I'd seen them at a small gymnasium show in SF earlier in the year, to try out their set, but this show was so much better. Garbage opened, and the crowd/show was ridiculously into it. Evidently, the show the night before, up in SF (Cow Palace or Civic maybe), sucked.

The Fugees, Tibetan Freedom Concert, SF, 1995. On a day of amazing performances, damn, this one was special.

Foo Fighters, Jambalaya Club-Arcata, CA, Winter of '94/'95. Depending on who you ask, it was either their first or second ever show, they had only about 30 minutes of material to play, opened for some crappy local band called Small Fish, but I'll never forget the vibe that we were seeing something amazing.

Justin Timberlake. Indianapolis. About 2013 or '14. A perfect show. It's easy to see the brilliance of him the second he took the stage.

HM. Rolling Stones, Indy Motor Speedway, July 4, 2015. Yes, there were many tens of thousands of people there, and I can take/leave the Stones, but damn that was an amazing set.

HM. No Doubt, Catalyst Nightclub in '98. Good friends, on my birthday, a perfect evening.

HM. Metallica, Cow Palace, about '96. Really aggressive mosh pit, me and my big dude pal George had a blast crashing into equally big dudes, and helping to pull panicked teens out of the scrum once they'd had enough. A bloody nose or three, but no fights broke out, thankfully.