Reply to "Top 5 (or so) concerts you attended"

In no particular order:

Billy Joel (can't decide between Bridge, Storm Front, and River of Dreams. he always does a great job of singing his new stuff and bringing back old material)

Crash Test Dummies (circa 1991): way back when just after there song "Superman" started playing on the radio. Small venue in Denver

Bare Naked Ladies (circa 1997): Small outdoor venue in Philly in old town

Avett brothers (circa 2004): played at a tiny venue in Cambridge, MA for a crowd of about 20 people

Fresh Beat Band (circa 2014): live concert with my then 5 year old daughter. She joined a "mosh pit" of 3-8 year olds right in front of the stage. Was just awesome to be a dad that night

R.E.M. at RedRocks (ok that's six)

Some honorable mentions would go to Tori Amos (Boulder Theatre); Shawn Colvin and Alyson Krauss (Chicago outdoor venue north of the city whose name I am blanking) and Harry Connick Jr at RedRocks

Most of my more memorable concerts were in really small, intimate venues