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In random order...
The Who, John Couger and loverboy. Sure, there was no Keith Moon by they still killed it. In was shortly after jack and Diane came out, and John didn't have the Mellencamp in his name. 1982 and I was 12.

David Lindley, Los Lobos, Grateful Dead, Laguna Seca 1988 or &89

Allmans and little feat, starlight bowl despite the air trafic.' I've seen both several times and seeing together was epic...must have been '92 or so

San Diego Street scene in the early 90's Buckwheat Zydeco, Taj Majal, others

Il nozze di Figaro, at la Scalia, not a concert per se, but a musical event of my life.

Interested to see Bomba's list....if he can narrow it down to 5.

This will not be easy. Btw I was at the early 90s street scene concerts which were awesome. X, beat farmers, fab thunderbird, buddy guy, bb king, no doubt, mojo Nixon, beausoleil, los lobos among others were memorable.

It's gonna take some work to put this list together and it will likely go well past 10 but #1 experience has got to be Woodstock 94. My brother in law was the first guy hired by Michael Lang and put most of it together. I got four all access passes and brought three of my best friends. It was a rainy, muddy mess. We had nice warm dry accommodations, showers, catered meals, behind the scenes access to get from stage to stage without fighting the crowds and stood on the side of stage for many performances. It was epic beyond any measure.