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Reply to "TN: Del Dotto 2001 Cab Franc"

Originally posted by Brettay:
Well, it seems that Del Dotto has taken some criticism from RP, albeit in a subtle way. Well, in support of DD I decided to open one of their 2001 Cab Francs and evaluate the 2001 vintage myself...

Upon opening this wine was aggressive and slightly harsh, but after a 1-2 hours in the decanter it softened and began to strut a wonderful fragrance and mouthfeel. It is elegant, beautifully fragrant and with intense fruit concentration, yet all is held in balance. The currant, blackberry and red raspberry make for an interesting contrast of red and black fruit profiles. This is followed by an explosive midpalate of violet, anise and allspice, followed by a long fruit filled finish. Very well done Cab Franc!

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Way to go Del Dotto!


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