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Reply to "TN: 2002 Marquis Philips Shiraz South Eastern Australia"

OK. Just this once! Cool

geo t. 8/3/03

VinoMe’s TAA from 8/14/04

Brettay 1/15/04

tracizuni 2/21/04

ajanj 3/28/04

melman 4/6/04

And of course, this one. (But of course, this thread has now drifted sufficiently such that someone will need to start a new thread on this topic! Big Grin)

I only had time to search the words "Philips" and "Phillips", and did so only in the "Tasting Notes" forum. The phrase "MP" turns up nothing, although that is probably just a glitch with the engine, because I know that people refer to this wine with that shorthand. And I only included threads where the 2002 Shiraz was the focal point of the post, or part of a concentrated tasting of like wines.
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