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Reply to "The NFL and the Supreme Court"

@irwin posted:

TOM:  calm down.
It wasn’t a joke but it was an attempt at some humor.  The comment that the nfl coaches stand in the rain while the s.ct cases are inside…. Maybe not humor that appeals to you, maybe a poor attempt… but obviously not a serious comment.  The statement that Supreme Court cases don’t go into overtime…. The same. Not a joke, but an attempt at humor.  

if I were on a stage at a nightclub and said this, people might laugh or perhaps not. Jay Leno I am not.

But you are so wound up, tight as a drum, that you read the original post and immediately attack me and say that as a lawyer I ought to know the appointment process?   Really?    This demonstrates one of the issues with email and a forum like this—- one cannot type inflection.
oh well.  
Calm down, buddy.  My attempt at humor didn’t work with you.  Sorry about that.  

A 50-year-old lawyer who had been practicing since he was 25 passed away and arrived at the Pearly Gates for judgment. The lawyer said to St. Peter, “There must be some mistake! I’m only 50 years old, that’s far too young to die.” St. Peter frowned and consulted his book. “That’s funny, when we add up your billing records, you should be at least 83 by now!”