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The NFL and the Supreme Court

Former Miami head coach, Brian Flores, has sued the NFL and certain teams over race discrimination in hiring.  Here is a link to a story on this:
It is the allegation of Coach Flores that he was not considered for a new coaching position because of his race.  While the teams followed the “Rooney Rule” of interviewing a minority applicant, he alleges that they did so as a sham, only to comply with the Rooney Rule, with no intention of seriously considering a minority coach.  They made up their minds, so the claim goes, to hire a white person.
Meanwhile, President Biden has said that he will appoint a Black woman to the S. Ct.  He won’t consider applicants of other races or gender.
Of course, there is a large difference here.  Coach Flores, in his prior position as head coach of the Dolphins, is said to have made $3 million per year.  On the other hand, an associate justice on the US Supreme Court makes only around $270,000.
Another key difference.  Since NFL games are played outside (with the limited exception of domed stadiums), sometimes a head coach has to stand in the rain or snow for 3 hours to perform that portion of his job.  The Supreme court does its work indoors, with heat, air conditioning, and a roof.
Moreover, arguably, a position on the Supreme Court comes with a tad more power than that of a head coach in the NFL.  Like some NFL games, some S. Ct. cases are close (5-4), but they are not decided on a coin flip, and they rarely go into overtime.
Meanwhile, the S. Ct. is considering two cases where it is alleged that college admissions people gave some preferential treatment to minorities, thereby hurting the chances of Whites or Asians to be admitted to their programs.
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