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Reply to "Tasting Across America: 2002 Marquis Philips Shiraz"

Decanted for two hours.

Day 1.

Color is an opaque purple-garnet. Nose is muted graphite and currant and alcohol. Silky mouth feel with little noticeable tannin. Acidity seems high but not out of balance. Muted fruit attack on palate and mid palate mostly dominated by currant. Finish is long with currant, licorice, and lots of hot alcohol.

Decant back into bottle, vac seal and put in refer.

Day 2.

More fruit today and mostly sweet blackberry (jammy). As the wine warms the alcohol comes out again. The attack and mid palate are lacking with a huge burst of sweet blackberry and cedar (there is the oak) on the finish. The finish is cloyingly sweet and pumps lots of blackberry, cedar and licorice. The alcohol taste and heat is prominent.

The wine seems disjointed and out of balance. The sweetness is a bit overdone and the alcohol on the finish is too high.

I prefer the Paringa to this. I may get a few bottles to cellar and revisit in a year. I just picked up a Sarah's Blend to try. I don't like to give scores but to make the statistics work out I would give it an 84 pts