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Reply to "Tasting Across America: 2002 Marquis Philips Shiraz"

Simply put, I believe this is the most overhyped wine of the century. To me, and quite a few others, this is too much of a wine.

Tonight we tasted a 12 hour opened bottle and a freshly opened bottle. Contrary to what many of you are thinking, to many the freshly opened bottle was way way better. Why? The finish on the wine just becomes overblown, hot, and overbearing. When fresh, the finish and nose is compact and concentrated, perhaps a 90 point wine.

Now, I don't particularly care for Shiraz and this will win no awards with me. But, I really do find this an overexpression of Shiraz. The nose is reminescent of the Sarah's (which I had on my own earlier this week) with it's butterscotch, candy fruit, banana, and caramel, but, again, it's distractingly hot on the palate, especially with air!

I'm not DRAB, so I can't predict the future of this wine (j/k DRAB), but I am not a fan. 88

My 2002 MP preferences:
Sarah's - 90
Cab - 89
Shiraz - 88

The 2001 S2 (which I rated 93) is still my favorite MP wine and I look forward to trying the 2002 when it hits the market.